Travel Diary, Entry 9

It couldn’t get any worse, could it?

Nah, just straight up amazing.

The colours of Seoul in Autumn are a real treat

Day 3 & 4

Dear Diary,

Just a short entry today,

After the disastrous beginning to my adventures through Korea, I was keen to make to make up for lost time, and get into the spirit of travel again.

I spent my first ‘proper’ day in bed: I was so tired and drained from the events of the previous day, and my terrible sleep in the airport (I think “prolonged-infrequent-napping” is a better description), the only motivation I could muster was to sleep all day and eat all the noodles. However, it was off to another bad start:

I realised with heartbreaking suddenness that my universal charger was not equipped to charge my laptop.

Now, it might not seem like such a big deal, but for me, it was world-altering. See, whenever I’m out and about, wherever I am, I want to write. It’s just what I love doing. If it’s a few lines for a potential short story, or a couple chapters for a novel, or even a small blog post, I want needΒ to be able to sit down when the muse takes me and write to my little nerdy heart’s content. So to discover that it wouldn’t be possible in Korea, especially when after the bad start to the trip, all I wanted was the catharsis of writing, was truly shattering.

But onwards and upwards, right?

I spent all of day 4 searching for the Australian Embassy, who I hoped would be able to help me sort out my money troubles. It didn’t occur to me to take photos, and it also took me the better part of my morning as I continually walked past the offices about two or three times before finally finding it.

Naturally, I arrived at the Embassy just as the entire department went to lunch.

One or two hours later and my money problems were solved with a quick phone call back home courtesy of the Embassy, who really didn’t have to let me call home, but graciously allowed me too (perhaps they took pity on my ragged, backpacker ass).

Honestly thought, looking back, I wish I could say I “survived” this first hurdle of my Korean journey solo, but, truly, I had so much help from so many people, and I might have given up or probably gone slightly insane if I didn’t have such an amazing support base of family, friends, and fellow travellers. The only reason I did;t turn around when it seemed like travelling was rejecting me was because you kept my spirits high, and returned me to even footing on the ground. I love you all so much – you know who you are.

It finally felt like I had arrived in Korea, and I was capital D emoticon smiley face for the rest of the day. I want to leap and jump through the streets of Seoul, I was so happy! I walked into the world revitalised, and quickly set about planning the next few days of my travels:

Gyeongbokgung Palace

But there’s just too much there to cover in this entry. Stayed tuned, Diary, there’s an epic entry coming up, filled with… ohmigosh just so much goodness. I have so many thoughts to share about this next place (If you can’t tell where I’m going, check the caption above πŸ˜‰ ).

We’re exploring Gyeongbokgung Palace!

Finally, welcome to the Korean Peninsula, Chris. Somehow, you made it.








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